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GEM Electric Vehicles for Athletics, Entertainment and Amusement

GEM Electric Vehicles for Athletics, Entertainment and Amusement

Takes you almost anywhere. Including new heights.

Entertain all of your venue needs with the comfort, style and functionality of a GEM electric car.

The fleet of GEM® electric vehicles brings together a versatile, venerable group of multi-tasking, people-moving models. Whether it’s at a stadium, arena, amusement park or theater, a GEM car never comes in second place. Explore our cars or see the versatile applications below:


Site Tours & TransportationSite Tours & TransportationMove guests or groups across your venue in style and comfort.Parking Enforcement & SecurityParking Enforcement & SecurityReliable, gas-free operation means patrol with minimal downtime.Housekeeping & HospitalityHousekeeping & HospitalityDeliver food and drinks at the right temperature with a utility-equipped GEM car.Emergency ServicesEmergency ServicesUp to 35 mph speed and maneuverable profiles help with quick emergency response.

Passenger Vehicles

Utility Vehicles

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